Seasonal Screenings

Seasonal Screenings aren’t just for the holidays – there are designs that work perfectly with any day or time of year. For the perfect door hanging to celebrate the Fourth of July, the arrival of a new baby, or simply to add a bit of fun to your home décor, Seasonal Screenings has just what you need.

Seasonal Screenings - Peri Woltjer

Meet the Artist

“I have been a full-time whimsical artist for almost eleven years. I have a degree from Iowa State University in Art and Design with an emphasis in Textile Design. I have always been drawn to color and fabric and like that you can manipulate the yardage to get inspiration or form and size before the first cut. I had these images in my head that I wanted to be stiff and three-dimensional but had no clue how to weld or cut metal. The idea of aluminum window screen came to mind. It was so much like fabric– it was a perfect fit. A very painful, pokey fit, but it worked! With the unbelievable support of my family and friends, and my loyal clientele, I have been able to do what I love. The rewards for all the long hours, weeks, months, and years of hard work have all been worth it. It’s funny how stress can create such carefree characters… ”

Follow your dancing star,
Peri Woltjer
Out of My Mind Designs