Our Newest Shoppes


Learn a bit more about some of our newest shoppes here!


Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories  designed many pieces just for special occasions such as flower girls, baptisms, first communion, and mom & me bracelet sets. We hope you will celebrate your special occasion with one of our treasured pieces!

Chic Happens

Chic Happens is handcrafted original designs based out of ENC, designed by Caroline Langley.

Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird is well known among bird lovers.  Their bird food products are made with premium quality.  Mr. Bird’s goal is to make products that quickly attract an assortment of the birds.  Mr. Bird offers their bird food in cylinder forms.  These seed forms last up to five times longer than loose seed. Not only does is save time from putting bird seed out but there is less waste and mess with seed cylinders. We have an assortment of Mr. Bird products including Wild Bird Feast Cylinders, Bugs Nuts & Fruit Cylinders, All Season Cottage Bird Seed Houses, Woodland Friends, Little Hearts & Stars, Seed Skulls, Cylinder Feeders and a special holiday selection.

Sandy Vincent

Sandy Vincent is an artist located in Greenville, North Carolina. Her specialty is acrylic on canvas and hand-crafted whimsical pottery.

Uniquely Elegant Creations

Uniquely Elegant Creations owner, Ruth Cooper, is a Greenville based interior decorator who takes pride in designing and sewing all types of home accessories, window dressing, bedding, pillows, etc.  With over a decade of experience working in the family decorating business to having her own business, she has developed a keen eye for developing awe inspiring surroundings.  She is also adept in finding creative ways to help budget conscious clients design their dream spaces.

All work is custom made in house and not outsourced.

Ruth is dedicated to providing her clients with creative concepts, custom high quality workmanship and flawless execution that will complement the client’s home.


My husband, Ray, taught at ECU for over 30 years and was an artist. I was an elementary teacher in Pitt County. Along with teaching and producing artworks, we began a business, Design !3, Inc. He designed restaurant layouts and decor. Later we began installing the decor for Applebee’s and McDonald’s. Our approach to the decor was to incorporate antiques and artifacts with meaning to the location. For example, at the McDonald’s near the hospital, Ray designed cases in which we displayed, along with explanations, tobacco plug cutters, tags, baskets, and other items we could find relating to tobacco in the south.

We lived in New Hampshire while Ray taught at the University of New Hampshire and that is where our love of antiques began. After we moved south to Greenville, we continued yearly visits to New England and made buying trips for the restaurants. Along the way, we always saw something we liked and purchased it for our own collection.

The pieces you find in Yestermorn were all a part of our own collection over 50 years.