About Artisans

Artisans’ concept is built around the American dream. Thriving on the creative spirit of each and every shoppe owner, Artisans offers entrepreneurs a low-cost start up option in place of the vast traditional overhead fees that accompany opening a retail store. Shoppe owners in Artisans are able to avoid the stresses, time commitments and fluctuating fees associated with maintaining a business. Entrepreneurs of all backgrounds have brought their wares to Artisans, creating an atmosphere all its own. From local artists, to working moms with talent, each shoppe has a unique story to tell.

Offering retail space of all shapes and sizes, Artisans has been the perfect avenue for people to bring their shoppe ideas to life. From shelving units and jewelry cases, to walk-in shoppes, there are “shoppes” available for all product types and sizes. Each shoppe owner has the creative freedom to decorate and display their items any way they please, or enlist the assistance of Artisans’ resident visual merchandiser.

Susan Bass, Owner started Artisans in 1994 on Charles Boulevard before relocating to its current location at 150 Plaza Drive in 2002. With Artisans’ continued success, Susan found herself in need of another expansion and added an additional 4,000 square feet in 2008. With an immense 12,000 square foot building, Artisans wows with aisles lined with unique shoppes and countless items for shoppers to awe at.

Artisans’ courteous and knowledgeable staff is always willing to provide exceptional customer service to both shoppers and shoppe owners alike. Shoppe owners are encouraged to work with staff members to enhance their displays, offer special orders, as well as to organize and participate in store events.